In the Film Room: Georgia vs Tennessee

October 11th, 2011

MDD Staff Writer: Chad Pullen

Pretty much any game that features two SEC teams is going to be filled with Draft talent. Georgia vs Tennessee was no different last week. Here’s a breakdown of what I saw charting that game.

Brandon Boykin CB Georgia

- Not a lot of throws his way, I suspect there was a reason why. One long attempt was made his way, he was in perfect coverage and broke the play up.
- On the small side, but speed to burn.
- Returns both kicks and punts for Georgia, that means good hands, toughness, and speed.
- Did not see him a lot in run support, may not be asked to do much of it.

Orson Charles TE Georgia

- Very quiet game for him. 1 catch that I can remember, part of it was Georgia’s gameplan consisted of at least 6 attempts deep down the field on Tennessee’s corners. No need for Charles in the seam.
- Did draw a Pass Interference at the goalline, he had his man beat, would have been a TD.
- Did have a holding penalty on the memorable 4th and 57 drive. Yes, 4th and 57, no I don’t know how you go from the red zone to the other red zone in a single drive. Never seen anything like it.

Ben Jones C Georgia

- First TD of the game was ran right up the middle behind him.
- Came and tried to make a hit 10-12 yards downfield when his runner was bottled up, tried to knock defenders off of him, nice play, great hustle.
- Had a few snaps in the shotgun where he pulled right after, good smart athlete to pull that off without incident, during the pull made some good seals on his guy, opens the whole.
- Did have a holding penalty, I believe it was also on the miracle anti-drive 4th and 57. Just a bad overall possession for Georgia by everbody.

Cordy Glenn OT Georgia

- Great size, massive body.
- Pulled across the line on a play, but never found a block, still a LT pulling behind both guards, center and RT is impressive.
- Majority of their runs were to the left behind Glenn and or Jones.
- Loud environment, no false starts on the line, credit to both Jones and Glenn.

Tauren Poole RB Tenn

- Early on he wasn’t getting many touches, Freshman Marlin Lane was getting a lot of the action.
- Found out later that Poole had a hamstring issue and was out the rest of the game.

Dallas Thomas OT Tenn

- Protects Bray’s blind side, Bray was comfortable for the majority of the game.
- No penalties and no immediate threats or close calls on his side.
- Tennessee didn’t run a lot behind him, not sure if that was indicative of him or perceived strengths on the other side.

Tyler Bray QB Tenn

- Little early to worry about this kid (just a Sophomore), but I love his look. Kid is huge at 6-6, and not scrawny at all, reminds me of a bigger Aikman.
- Read the blitz well, doesn’t hold onto the ball, makes the read and throws. Like that a lot.
- Was mobile in the pocket, moves around in it well, not a scrambler, looking to throw the ball.
- Made a Brett Favre play with a left handed under handed toss, no no no no kid. He’s young, coaches will drill it out of him.
- Injured his throwing hand in the final 5 minutes, that worries me. Don’t like to see that.
- My biggest concern, he seemed to struggle with “out” throws. I don’t think he connected on a single one. Uses his whole body on those throws, but seems effortless in the middle and on seems. Not sure if he’s aiming, trying to hard or wanting extra oomph on it to the outside. Something to look out for.

One last player that caught my eye and I wasn’t expecting was TE Mychal Rivera, he looked to be Bray’s favorite target as he was getting a lot of looks.

Catches the ball with his hands, ran several different routes, hot reads, everything you’d want. Did not notice him in run blocking so still need to look at him there, but he certainly can catch the ball. Made a great diving catch at the one yard line, he stood out to me a lot more than Charles did, and Charles is the higher thought of player. Possible sleeper here.

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