In the Film Room: Miami vs Virginia Tech

October 10th, 2011
Jayron Hosley Lamar Miller

Jayron Hosley and Lamar Miller - they'll be playing on Sundays.

MDD Staff Writer: Chad Pullen

It was a pleasure to watch the Miami/Virginia Tech ACC clash this week as it turned into the game of the week. Many potential 2012 NFL prospects were in this one, here’s a look at how they fared.

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Jayron Hosley CB, VT

- Made a great read of the quarterback’s eyes, but dropped an easy interception
- Retruns punts, so his hands can’t be knocked off one dropped INT.
- Was beaten on a fade route vs a WR with at least 5 inches on him. At 5-10, that’s going to happen
- Never spotted him once in run support, covers the wide side of the field, that’s his job

Jarrett Boykin WR, VT

- Had a big day, made a nice catch on a very low throw
- Made a couple catches over the middle, uses his hands on catch, not his body
- Showed some good footwork on a sideline pass, kept both feet in bounds only needing to use one.
- Exploded for a big 60 yarder in the 4th quarter, nice route
- Finished with 7 catches for 120 yards and the 60 yard TD.

Blake DeChristopher OT, VT

- Faced almost no blitzes all game, very little pass rush
- No penalties, nothing got by him
- Looks like more of a mauler than a technician, just over powered his man most of the night

David Wilson RB, VT

- Downhill runner, tough to bring down.
- Good but not great speed
- Always falls forward on runs, finishes the play, gets every inch he can
- Mentioned during the broadcast questions about fumbles. Didn’t see anything in this game however.
- Could be a mid round guy, but I don’t see him being a #1 back in the NFL.

Travis Benjamin WR

- Once again, zero routes that are noticeable, but had a 77 yard catch just in front of the safety, showed great concentration on the catch.
- Playmaker, big plays, speed, returns, always a threat, always have to account for him on the field
- Had a 6 yard run that covered almost 50 yards running behind the line side to side. Great speed, but needs to run forward instead of back
- Still don’t see him being drafted, but convinced that someone will give him a look as an UDFA, and he should find a job that way.

Sean Spence LB, Miami

- As I said, not much defense in this game, he tried, made a few plays, but not enough
- Sucked in on some play fakes, including the game winning touchdown in the final minute
- Physical player, on a broken play a Tech lineman had the ball, Spence charged him full speed to make the tackle, 300+ pounds rumbling his way
- Instinctive, made a great read on a WR screen, broke the play up, possibly diagnosed.
- Under the right coach, right system, he has the talent/skills to fit in in the NFL, this team just lacks any backup for him

Lamar Miller RB, Miami

- Got off to a slow start due to playcalling, Tech waiting for him, once he got going, he went. Final 6 carries of the game, 116 yards.
- Excellent diving catch in the end zone on a WR toss pass.
- Didn’t break a 40 yarder this game, but had a 37 and a 30, and the 30 coulda been 90 if they were further back on the field
- The 37 yarder was about 100 yards or so, went left, then back right, then back around left avoiding and breaking tackles
- 5 straight 100 yard games, no other Miami running backs have ever done that to start a season, been some good ones on that list.
- Cuts back, great vision, step and accelerate full speed, TOUGH to bring down. Complete package. Kid is amazing.
- If he does not come out in 2012, he has a chance to be a top 5 pick in 2013 if Miami showcases him.

The last player I noticed in the game was WR Tommy Streeter. His career has been rather empty the last couple years, but the light seems to have gone on late for him. He’s scored a handful of TD’s already this year, and he has great size/speed for the position. Could be a nice red zone target with an accurate QB. Even threw a few blocks in the run game that had to make his coaches happy.

I don’t know if he’ll try to make the NFL, but he has the size that Benjamin does not. That will earn him looks, be it late in the draft or as an UDFA as well. Still very raw.

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