In the Film Room: Stanford vs Oregon

November 17th, 2011
LaMichael James

LaMichael James was just one of the top 2012 NFL Draft prospects in this game. (Photo: ICON SMI)

MDD Staff Writer: Chad Pullen

After the game of the century LSU-Alabama, the Oregon/Stanford game didn’t seem like a bad undercard. With Andrew Luck steamrolling towards the #1 pick, I wanted to check in on his performance against the toughest team he’ll face this year up to his bowl game.

Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
- First thing I wanted to verify was his knowledge of the playbook is so impressive, he has his own playsheet on his wrist, AND his center has another playsheet on his wrist that Luck uses to call plays. Simply put, college QB’s don’t usually do that. Possibly the most impressive thing about him
- Throws on the run, both directions, with accuracy. Big plus
- Throws an interception coming to his second read and throwing late. Good that he was going through his progressions, bad that he threw late. Maybe he trusts his arm and that’s not necessarily a bad trait.
- Moves around in the pocket well, head downfield the whole time scanning, love this about him
- A lot of “high” throws. Not all of them were bad, some were just fine, but he did have a couple overthrows and some just sailed. Not sure if it was the moment of the game or pressure, he was under duress a great deal in this game
- No WR help in his game, he was playing with his TE’s and RB’s only, another possible issue he had
- Stat was shown about Stanford being perfect in the Red Zone this year, says a lot
- Beautiful throw between two defenders for a touchdown
- Looks off safeties extremely well, will help him next level
- He showed that he is human, like any other great QB pressure will cause him to rush, or hurry and not make the plays that he would if he was comfortable in the pocket. Not his best game, but even with the pressure and lack of receivers to help him, he still put up 30 points, pretty sure NFL teams could live with that.

Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford
- Made a tough catch in traffic, takes four guys to bring him down, physical beast
- Drops a pass on a designed rollout, low throw, but needs to help his QB out on that
- Makes up for it with a fantastic catch on a back shoulder fade in the seam. Had the defender draped all over him, stopped on a dime went up and caught it with hands instead of his body. Great play
- Several plays was asked to stay in for pass protection as well as run block, it’s in his arsenal, not just a receiver playing tight end.
- Did have another drop taking his eyes off the ball and looking up field too soon
- On another Luck TD, Fleener draws a double team from the defense, leaving the receiver open over the middle for Luck.

Tyler Gaffney, RB, Stanford
- Pairs up with another Junior RB in Stepfon Taylor, Gaffney is the one that I personally like the best
- Runs a few plays out of the wildcat, makes the reads and decides the option plays
- Lets his blocks develop before he picks the hole
- Not great speed, but fast enough to get the job done
- Runs inside and outside equally effective
- Little taller than you’d like, but runs low enough to counter
- Would be wise to stay in school one more year, like his potential though

David Paulson, TE, Oregon
- First play I see him on he actually throws a two point conversion out of a swinging gate type formation
- Good blocker, also saw him blocking way down field on a long run
- Tried to make a tough catch low in the end zone, but didn’t use his hands, tried to use his whole body, ball slipped out.
- He has the hands to make those type of catches, needs work using them more possibly

Eddie Pleasant, S/LB, Oregon
- The only defensive player in this offensive shootout that caught my attention
- Looks to be a big hitter, but zero form in his attempts. Throws shoulders and elbows, no wrap ups. That’s not going to work in the NFL, needs to correct that
- All over the field, high motor chaser
- Right now he’s a hybrid safety/linebacker, not sure which is best suited for yet, not a good enough angle to see if he was covering anyone much or just playing the line of scrimmage. Physically he has it, if he works on his tackling properly, he could be a nice player

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