In the Film Room: Wisconsin vs Purdue

November 9th, 2011

MDD Staff Writer: Chad Pullen

Wisconsin is a team loaded with NFL draft talent while Purdue needs a little rock lifting to find some of their talent that may eventually shine through in the NFL. I checked out this game to see how some of them look.

Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin

- Terrific size
- Snatches ball out of the air with both hands, tucks it and turns upfield
- Blocks downfield in the run game
- Body control on his catches, uses hands and never breaks stride, on another catches and slides all in one fluid motion
- Solid route runner, no wasted pitter patter of his feet
- Lack of true blazing speed is the only thing that keeps him from being a top 10 pick, but he’s going to be a solid pro.

Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin

- This whole O-Line could go straight to the NFL right now, Konz is the leader of that group
- Turns his man around repeatedly, they ran up the middle often and very successfully based off his point of attack
- Agile, he pulls after the snap, comes off his blocks to go next level, very well trained
- Fights, loves contact. Hits til the whistle, if no around he’ll go find someone to hit, love this about him.
- Uses his hands well, always has his body in the right position
- Late first, more likely second round pick I’m guessing right now

Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin

- Monster game from this kid, loved every touch he had
- Runs tough, physical, does not shy from contact (he may need to learn that a little next level)
- Good cutbacks, quick feet
- Very patient, waits waits waits, and then bursts after his blocks are set
- Mentioned in the broadcast, zero fumbles from this kid, ball security a big plus
- Excellent vision, never missed a cut or read he should have made
- TD machine, likely going to break the single season Big 10 record, mid 20’s already
- My only “concern” is if he is simply benefitting from a tremendous offensive line. Will he make these same plays with a lesser NFL line? Teams will need to do their homework on this aspect. He could shoot up the charts if he declares and does well at the combine

Dennis Kelly, OT, Purdue

- Great size, 6-8 310 with room to add bulk
- Unlike Konz, his weakness is a LOT of sitting around, he does not pursue contact
- If you engage him, he will not let you by, but he will not seek to hit you either, this can be taught however
- Pulled a couple of times, shows agility, never found anyone to block though
- Was out in front on a screen play 25+ yards downfield blocking, very impressive play
- Raw, very raw. His size demands a look and if he can get someone to teach him the anger he’ll need to play with, he could be something

Kawann Short, DT, Purdue

- Noticed him at first matched up with NFL talent in Konz
- Made a great tackle for loss on Ball early, overpowered the Guard
- Chased after QB Russell Wilson 20 yards downfield, no chance to catch the fast Wilson, but effort was there
- Seemed a half beat slow on the snap, leads the Oline dictating where he’s going too often, needs a little help reading the snap
- After the intial hustle I saw chasing Wilson, there were other snaps I noticed him jogging downfield
- He was matched up against multiple NFL talents and held his own overall, I like that as much as someone who dominates a much lesser opponent

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