Film Room: Texas A&M vs Northwestern

January 1st, 2012
Ryan Tannehill NFL Draft

Ryan Tannehill will certainly get some looks as a potential Dolphins QB. (Photo: ICON SMI)

MDD Staff Writer: Chad Pullen

With Matt Barkley deciding to stay in school for his senior year, the person with the biggest benefit is QB Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M. We decided to check out his final collegiate game in the Meineke Car Care of Texas Bowl vs Northwestern.

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M
- Was a former WR at A&M, converted to QB only 2 years ago. Means he still has a lot of learning at the QB position, but also may understand a WR’s thinking, as well as a cornerbacks from his old position work.
- Little bit slow in his backpedal, needs to fire back to his spot and then throw, drifts a little
- Surprisingly, reads the blitz fairly well and gets rid of the ball quickly.
- Throws a nice ball, tight spiral, quick release and throws it on a line. Unsure from just this game if he has every throw as he did not make many different throws. Does have arm strength though, so should be able to cover the field.
- Moves around in the pocket well, receiver skills will help him out there.
- Not pinpoint accurate, but is accurate overall. Not wild or erratic. Puts the ball in close enough range to be effective, could improve accuracy over time
- Runs a nice playaction pass, hides the ball well, makes a good fake
- Looks comfortable in either the shotgun or under center
- No progressions. One read and throw, did not have to scan field, will need to learn that obviously
- Decent throws on rollouts, did not roll to his left in this game however
- Great soft touch with accuracy on a 30 or so yard touchdown. Beautiful throw
- Checks out of plays, in control of his offense, knows how to avoid negative plays
- Gunslinger, late in a close game, 3rd and 6, throws downfield for 30 yards with no hesitation. Great trait to have
- Could be that QB that slips into the late first round that teams will trade up from the second round to get. Not ready to start day 1, but with work, could be ready for action in 2013, with spot looks in 2012.

Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M
- Great size, big strong kid
- Missed on a TD by a toe tap, split second away from a great TD.
- Good concentration later on the TD by Tannehill, defender right there but makes surehanded grab
- Makes a great grab high pointing the ball late, with defender draped all over him, strong hands.
- Did not see a variety of routes. Lot of screens and go routes, not too many outs, and never ventured over the middle.
- Don’t see him as the franchise #1 type WR, but is better than the typical #2 WR as well, sort of a combo type. Either way, will be a nice player in the NFL for somebody, chosen in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Brian Peters, Safety, Northwestern
- All over the field, plays like a middle linebacker
- Saved a TD on a chasedown tackle
- Misread a tackle near the sideline, thought the receiver was goin out of bounds, simply added a shove instead of hitting or wrapping up, receiver stayed in bounds and continued on down field.
- Involved in a lot of tackles, either alone or in a group
- Intercepts pass by jumping up and grabbing it with both hands,great play
- Later forces a fumble on special teams
- Defensive leader, reminds me a lot of Jim Leonard of the Jets, not a physical specimen but is just a football player, possible late round selection

RB Cyrus Gray was another potential player for the April draft, but a shoulder injury prevented him from playing in this game. Vince Browne, DE of Northwestern was another I anticipated playing well in this game, but he was largely ineffective and was playing with a very large brace on his elbow, he rarely showed up on tape and would not want to show this one in his draft interviews.

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