Dolphins Fantasy Projections: Quarterbacks, Receivers, and Tight Ends

June 21st, 2012
Davone Bess Dolphins Draft

Davone Bess is a quarterback's best friend.

With Joe Philbin at the helm of the offense and Mike Sherman bringing his input as well, the Dolphins offense should be fun to watch as they try and become the Packers of the past two years in a lot of ways.

While the quarterback position won’t be a bundle of productivity, the receiving group has a chance to be quite deep and allow for some young players as well as veterans to step up. These numbers are all balanced, decisively chosen based on past performances, team averages, offensive system averages, taking rotations into account, and expectations of the depth chart.

MDD Writer  Chad Pullen and Lead Editor Eric Galko

David Garrard/Matt Moore, Quarterback
Projection: 3200 yards, 18 TDs, 12 INT
Projection: 30 rush, 65 yards, 1 TD

Whoever wins the job in preseason should be able to post modest numbers of this kind.  Neither of them are 4,000 yard QB’s nor are they 20 passing TD’s type guys.  Learning a new offense, with no true #1 WR and a stable of decent running backs, the passing game is expected to be on the low end compared to the rest of the league’s newfound love of the aerial attack.


Davone Bess, Wide Receiver
Projection: 75 rec, 800 yards, 4 TDs

Bess figures to play his same game in the slot and have similar production even without Brandon Marshall to keep defenses from keying on him.  Even facing more double teams, Bess is the quickest off the line on this Miami team and should see even more targets without Marshall taking all the attention of the quarterback.

Brian Hartline, Wide Receiver
Projection: 60 rec, 650 yards, 5 TDs

These would represent career numbers for Hartline who naturally should see an increase in looks with no true #1 WR on the roster.  Even with Marshall, Hartline could have been in line to take a big step with the new offense being installed by the new coaching staff.  With solid QB play, Hartline could be a sleeper type in the Jordy Nelson mode and produce even bigger numbers than these.

Legadu Naanee, Wide Receiver
Projection: 45 rec, 500 yards, 5 TDs

Similar to his production last year, Naanee will be inheriting a similar, 3rd receiver and red zone option with his new team. With the addition of the below Chad Ochocinco, his and likely the other top two receivers numbers take a bit of a dip. Still, he’s throughly impressed in off-season work thus far, and should be a solid safety valve. Any injuries to Bess/Hartline in-season, look for Naanee to be a strong buy in most leagues.

Chad Ochocinco, Wide Receiver
Projection: 40 rec, 550 yards, 3 TDs

We are totally buying into Ochocino not only making the roster, but making a serious impact this year. These numbers are based on him being just half as productive/consistent as he was his last two years in Cincinnati before his New England hiatus. These numbers could spark up even more if he exceeds our expectations, as I still think he’s got 2-3 solid years left.

Anthony Fasano, Tight End
Projection: 25 rec, 300 yards, 2 TDs

Fasano is the member expected to see a decrease in numbers from last season even without Marshall as he now has two others fighting for his snaps.  However, with him being the best blocker of the three main weapons, it’s possible in two tight end sets he could be the one to remain in pass protection while the more vertical TE’s stretch the seam.

Michael Egnew, Tight End
Projection: 20 rec, 180 yards, 3 TDs

As of now, it seems Anthony Fasano is the feature tight end in the offense,  but regardless, I don’t think any tight end thrives this year. Jermichael Finley was used more as a tight end than a receiver in Green Bay the past two years, and I think Joe Philbin will be more apt to use four wide sets than a tight end or two. With Egnew being the second tight end, don’t expect more than 30 receptions and 250 yards tops, with maybe slightly more if Fasano goes down with an injury.

Charles Clay, Tight End
Projection: 20 rec, 150 yards, 4 TDs

If Egnew had not been selected, Clay could have made a tremendous jump up in terms of numbers in the 50-650-6 range as he would split time with Fasano, but having 3 TE’s means Clay will now get a little more time at FB and lower his looks in the passing game.  Either way, he should post better numbers from his rookie campaign.


Rishard Matthews/Clyde Gates/BJ Cunningham, Wide Receiver
Projection: 20 rec, 200 yards, 2 TDs

Based on who the 5th receiver is (6th receiver will get meaningless numbers), he could have a couple of solid games once he gets his feet under him but realistically he’s going to be the fourth or fifth option in the pass game initially and that will hurt his total numbers.  My bets are on Matthews to win the job (and Gates to make the team to appease Jeff Ireland) and for him to slowly become a bigger part of the offense thanks to his ideal fit in the up-tempo, West Coast system. Matthews is a sleeper to watch long term if he makes the roster.




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