NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson

June 8th, 2012

Tajh Boyd

QB Tajh Boyd – Clemson (JR)
Height: 6’1
Weight: 225
Grade: 6.2 H (Grading Scale)

+Speed and balance as a runner when he leaves the pocket
+Bends and redirects well in his escape-ability in the pocket
+Doesn’t consistently look for big run play and showed improvement on when to get down
-Has had weight fluctuations in his career, which will limit his athleticism if it’s out of control
-Torn ACL in high school senior year

+Shows confident in reads and reportedly readily understood basic offense
+Redirects eyes well to reads when in rhythm
-Still has a ways ago in Chad Morris’s new offense, but flashes

+Likely team captain in 2012 on a team loaded with young talent
+Vocal to teammates on mistakes after plays
+Leader on two high school championships, 43-2 high school record
-Not a past team captain

Arm Talent
+High velocity in short and mid-area routes
+Spins tight ball consistently
+Downfield passes on target with great touch and adequate velocity
-Needs a better touch between levels understanding
-Rushes reads at times causes sloppy mechanics and poor accuracy in short routes
-Inconsistent velocity on outside the hash-marks throws at times, a big part of the Chad Morris offense

Pocket Presence
+Quick, compact release, but could get ball up higher at final release point
+Improved vision when stepping up in the pocket
-Needs better confidence in his short area athleticism when single rusher attacks to elude in pocket
-Throws flat-footed and off balance at times when late to a read, making passes consistently sail a little high
-Struggles with interior rushes, rushing passes with poor footwork

Command of Offense
+Progresses over multiple reads well with confidence in pocket
-Trusts receiver route reads too much at times, leading to miss defensive reads
+Understand route timings downfield and doesn’t rush vertical throws
-Doesn’t have an overly dominant command of the offense at the line of scrimmage
+Will look to build off of development over the course of his sophomore season

Boyd is far from a finished product as an NFL quarterback, but has developed the mental aspect of the position well over his first starter season and has the athleticism to develop further. His role in the Chad Morris offense is something he’ll need to further work with this year, but his short area velocity and timing as well as his vertical touch suit big play receivers DeAndre Hopkins and Sammy Watkins well. With lots of expectations for his second starting year after being a highly touted recruit, Boyd needs to stay healthy, improve his footwork and mechanics, and trust and utilize his fantastic options in his offense.

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