2013 NFL Draft Scouting Notes: South Florida vs. Nevada

September 11th, 2012

BJ Daniels
Early into the game, things look like they were getting out of hand, however, we have learned that anything can happen in college football. It was almost as if the offenses switched roles mid-game, Nevada started out scorching and South Florida finished like champions.
MDD Staff Scout: Alex Farnworth


#7 QB B.J. Daniels
-Lined up under center, in the shot gun and in the pistol formation
-Very natural on the rollout, to both sides
-Displayed a veteran presence
-Stayed poised, never let the game get too big for him
-Looked good making throws to the sidelines, especially on out-routes
-Escaped the pocket when it collapsed, kept eyes downfield
-Made throws only his WR’s could catch, no interceptions
-Didn’t panic when offense couldn’t get anything going
-Threw a nice seem pass over the middle of the field, away from the cornerback, 52 yard TD.
-Looked off the safety, capitalizing on deep throws
-Recognized when his receivers had the DB’s beat, leading to big gains
-Huge part of a comeback victory

Overview: It seems as if B.J. Daniels has been playing forever, he basically has. Going into his fourth year as the Bull’s starter, Daniels displays an incredible veteran presence and makes his teammates better.  The senior knows when to run and knows when to pass, he has the gifted ability to do both really well. He’s in an elite quarterback class, could be a late pick, good late 5th round value. Unfortunately, a career backup with ability to win games when needed.

#5 RB Lindsey Lamar
-Very small (5’9, 180) but fearless
-Displays a head-fake that freezes defenders
-Mid-first quarter run, 18 yards, ran up sidelines, would rather lower shoulder than go out of bounds
-Shows a great repertoire of moves but doesn’t dance around too much
-Nearly untouchable once he gets to the second-level of the defense
-Electrifying player who shows big play potential
-Averaged 10.6 yards a carry
-Runs between the tackles, hides behind lineman until he sees a hole
-Absolute burner once he gets to the sidelines
-Longest run of 35 yards

Overview: There is no question that Lamar is a game-changer but he will need to learn to run out of various packages, not just the shotgun. Lamar also needs to grow as a receiver, zero catches in this game and this season for that matter, only 11 receptions in 2011. Shows great explosion and great discipline for a smaller back.


#44 TE Zach Sudfeld
-Lines up on the line virtually the whole game
-Uses his size to his advantage (6’7), could bulk up (255 lbs)
-Never gives up on the play, plays through the whistle
-Recovered/dove on a fumble in the end zone for a touchdown, great heads up
-5 receptions for 67 yards in a triple-option offense
-Shows room for growth
-Holds block for split second, then releases
-Could find him open on the sidelines, out-routes

Overview: Sudfeld is very raw but he shows that he is a hard worker and has room to grow. Sudfeld needs to put on weight for sure but has great height, which can’t be taught. He comes from a TE blocking scheme, which seems to be a lost art in the National Football League. Willing to give up his body and sacrifice himself for the team. Wouldn’t shock me to see him go undrafted, but all he needs is a chance and some coaching.

 #5 S Duke Williams
-Creeps up to the line of scrimmage quite a bit
-Two of the deep ball touchdowns were away from his side of the field
-Stuck his nose in on a handful of run plays, finished with 13 total tackles
- Had one pass-breakup
-Stays square on his tackling, strong base
-Doesn’t lead with helmet, fundamentally sound in the tackle game
-Lacks top end speed, makes up for it with physicality
-Acts like a linebacker that plays in the secondary
-Led team in tackles, rare for a defensive back
-Hesitant in reading the offense

Overview: Not his best game but probably the top Nevada prospect. Shows a lot of promise with his sure-fire tackle ability and his ability to bring down players of any size. Needs to improve on reading play-actions and routes but that should come with more experience. Teams like to have defensive backs that will step up in the running game, should be a 4th round pick.

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