NFL Draft Game Notes: Rutgers vs. South Florida

September 21st, 2012

Khaseem Greene
We saw a completely different South Florida team on primetime Thursday than what we have seen in the first two weeks. The Bulls couldn’t string anything together on offense and Rutgers capitalized on USF’s mistakes. No one on the Bulls looked NFL-ready but the Scarlet Knights showed some talent.

MDD Staff Scout: Alex Farnworth


#11 CB Logan Ryan
-Matched up against top receiver all game
-Showed great composure/condition
-Late in first quarter, came up and made a tackle against the run, covered a streak the next play
-Can be left on an island and depended on to get the job done (2 pass break-ups)
-Helped shut down the run and screen game (9 tackles, all solo)
-Displayed great awareness when going to defend passes, no unnecessary contact
-Showed a great feel for knowing where he is on the field and the situation
-Exhibited the ability to cover tightly while staring down the QB
-Forced the opposing quarterback to hold on to the ball and think twice
-Played extremely well in press coverage
-Made tackles as soon as the balls were caught, no YAC.
-If he happens to get beat, doesn’t panic and has ability to recover.

Overview: Ryan is the brightest spot on this Rutgers team. Has the build of an NFL corner and shows great instincts at the college level, which should mean the transition to the next level will be smooth. Being a sound tackler who will help in the run game doesn’t hurt either.

#23 RB Jawan Jamison
-Became a workhorse, 41 carries with no fumbles lost
-Fantastic balance
-Knows when to dance and when to cover the ball
-Needs to become a better receiver
-Shifty but not fast
-Holds the ball high and tight
-Shows great vision, especially on his touchdown run to seal the victory

Overview: Jamison will not be a true feature back in the NFL by any means but could do some damage. He is an instinctual runner that can make something out of nothing with his ability to slip tackles. Not a great receiver out of the backfield, but he’s a dependable running back.

#20 OLB Khaseem Greene
-Solid frame, 6’0, 230 lbs.
-Sticks his nose into the backfield quickly, great run-stopper
-A game-changer in the run defense, 10 tackles (2 for loss)
-Fails to get off blocks in order to get to the quarterback
-Takes plays off, if a play isn’t run to his side he becomes lethargic at times
-Needs to improve on pass defense, zero sacks and zero deflections

Overview: Greene is a brute in the run game; he flies to the ball… but he needs to show that he can do it on every play. There is no question about him getting drafted, but he needs to show dedication along with his already great numbers if he wants to be drafted within the first 4 rounds.

#42 ILB Steve
-Inconsistent, only 4 tackles
-Gets sucked in up the middle
-Very durable, played on virtually every play
-Slow, but makes up for it with instincts
-Makes his presence known in the backfield
Can run through the line without getting held up on blocks

Overview: The Bulls of South Florida did not run the ball effectively which resulted in low numbers for Beauharnais. He is the anchor of the Rutgers defense and needs to improve in his pass defense and getting to the quarterback.

#10 TE D.C. Jefferson
-Lines up on the line for the most part
-Starting to become a dependable pass-catcher
-Gifted physically, 6’5, 250
-Soft hands, has ability to make difficult catches while covered
-Gets big chunks of yardage after each reception, gets the tough yards.
-4 catches for 38 yards
-A little raw but is learning quickly
-Has the makeup of a playmaker
-Not the best blocker but uses his long arms to create separation and keep lineman back

Overview: D.C. Jefferson has gotten better each game this season. Against USF, Jefferson became more comfortable in the passing game and had some quality catches early on. He has still yet to show his full potential.


#34 DeDe Lattimore
-Struggling with play recognition
-Very raw but could become deadly if coached up (like former Bull Jason Pierre-Paul)
-Can bring down ball carriers quickly and with a ton of force
-Can make tackles on his own, 6 solo tackles and 1 for a loss
-Struggles to get off of blocks
-Great speed for a front-seven defender
-Has some finesse moves but almost useless once he is engaged in a block

Overview: Lattimore is a very intriguing prospect with a lot of upside, all he needs is some coaching and more understanding of the game.  He has all of the tools in the world but just needs to know how to utilize them. I see Lattimore as a solid pass-rusher at the next level but he could surprise and develop quickly.

#7 QB B.J. Daniels
-Simply couldn’t create plays
-Overthrew/underthrew his WR when they had their man beat on several occasions
-Struggled to find the open receiver
-Kept his composure
-Excellent footwork when rolling out, keeping the eyes downfield
-Didn’t show frustration when receivers dropped catches
-Exhibited great leadership skills

Overview: This was not a good game from B.J. Daniels by any means. The whole game the Bulls seemed like they were out-matched by Rutgers, especially when USF was on offense. You can’t blame the loss on Daniels; wide receivers struggled to get open and the running game was non-existent, however, Daniels did miss some throws when receivers were finally got open.

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