2013 NFL Draft Game Notes: Central Michigan vs. Navy

October 17th, 2012

Eric Fisher
Navy is normally a team that will rack up the rushing yards and drain the clock but, they managed to dominate Central Michigan through the air in this matchup.

The Chippewa defense was too hung up on stopping he option that they got toasted for three touchdown passes by a Freshman QB. Central Michigan has one prospect on each side of the ball; left tackle Eric Fisher is rapidly climbing up NFL scouts’ draft boards.

MDD Staff Scout: Alex Farnworth

Central Michigan

#79 LT Eric Fisher
-Lines up at left tackle
-Uses his hands very well, doesn’t allow pass rushers to use their hands
-Forces the right DE all the way to the other side of the field with ease on the first play in the red zone
-Clean footwork, keeps a great center of balance
-Showing that he is comfortable in both pass protection and run-block
-On a run play to his side on their own 10-yard line, he takes the smaller DE, forces him out of the play and puts him on his back; overpowering strength
-Tends to go chest-to-chest with his opponent on running plays, doesn’t extend his arms but keeps his legs churning
-With under 2 minutes left in the half, makes seal-blocks that lead to 10+ yard plays on back-to-back plays (toss & screen)
-Very successful coming into the 3rd quarter when chipping the DE and going down field on toss plays
-Has great instincts and awareness of where the ball carrier is; knows when to go to the next level
-Nearing the end of the third quarter, he has yet to have been pushed back by a defender
-Finally lets up his first sack at the end of third quarter, coverage sack; QB left the pocket and held ball for over 4 seconds
-Defensive ends are trying everything to generate a pass rush from his side, Fisher denying spin and swim attempts early in the fourth quarter

Overview: Eric Fisher has been wowing scouts all year and kept that campaign up against an undersized Navy team. From the looks of this game, Fisher should transition into a starting NFL left tackle with ease. He exhibits great posture and technique, as well as elite size (6’8, 305) and a strong base. Fisher was not challenged all night long and it was almost as if he was toying with the defensive lineman. All of the biggest runs came from the left side of the field for the Chippewas, he executed his seal blocks perfectly and created wide lanes on the screen plays. Fisher has grown into a big-time prospect and could be taken as early as the second round in next year’s draft.

#4 SS Jahleel Addae
-Lining up as an outside linebacker/nickel corner against this triple-option team
-Not generating any pass rush; looks out of place
-Does a solid job of read-and-reacting on the play actions and zone-read handoffs
-Failing to get by the lead blocker on run plays in his direction, takes himself out of the play
-Through the first quarter: helped finish off a bunch of tackles, failed to make one on his own
-Takes very good angles when in pursuit, catching up to wide receivers down the field
-Shies away from blockers rather taking them on and attempting to make a play in the backfield
-Runs to the ball upright, not in a tackling manner
-Can’t seem to get around cut-blocks, something he wasn’t dealing with when he played in the defensive backfield
-Bites on a play action up the middle, late getting to the QB, QB throws for a touchdown
-Doesn’t seem to be playing with instinct, looks like he is second-guessing his decisions, slowing down his pursuit
-Early in the fourth quarter he stunts on a play action like he is dropping into a zone, takes one step back then goes forward with a full head of steam; lunges into the quarterback untouched for the sack

Overview: Addae is not used to playing the outside linebacker position but he racked up a ton of tackles against the Midshipmen, the only thing is he had very few solo tackles. It is understandable that he would be uncomfortable at a new position but he still needs to make plays, other than that one sack in the second half, Addae failed to make plays by himself. Although he was having a tough time getting off of his blocks, he was taking good angles to the ball and looked very comfortable when he dropped into zone coverage which is reassuring because he will most likely be a safety at the next level. Once Addae knew what the play was and recognized it, he turned into a track star, but when he was unsure he was tip-toeing around the field and that is not a good sign. As of right now it looks like he is going to be a late-round pick if he is drafted; safeties usually become signed as undrafted free agents.

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