2013 NFL Draft Game Notes: Toledo vs. Western Michigan

October 3rd, 2012

Dann O'Neil
The underclassman of the Toledo Rockets’ offense owned this matchup. Western Michigan could not get into a rhythm on offense and that might have been a direct result of starting quarterback Alex Carder missing the game with a dislocated finger on his throwing hand.

Carder wasn’t the only draft prospect to be missing from this game for the Broncos; OLB Chris Prom and WR Eric Monette were other draft hopefuls that did not compete against Toledo. The Toledo defense was inconsistent, especially in the secondary but they held the Broncos just enough to get the victory. Western Michigan quarterback, Tyler Van Tubbergen, got hit quite a bit, but not from the side that OT Dann O’Neill was playing on.
MDD Staff Scout: Alex Farnworth

Western Michigan

#68 OT Dann O’Neill
-Lines up at right tackle
-Freakishly big (6’8, 305), still learning how to use his size
-Starts to seriously wear down in the second half
-Could be a top tackle if he knew how to use his hands, needs to keep arms extended creating space between him and defensive ends.
-Tries to “catch” the pass-rusher
-Shows over-powering strength in the run game, a mauler for sure
-Attempts to run down field on screens, looks for blocks to make
-Sluggish when backing into his stance
-Rarely gets blown back, too strong to be beat by bull-rushers
-Forced his matchup inside when his QB rolled out and scrambled.

Overview: Just from a physical standpoint, O’Neill could’ve been a top tackle prospect but he has to learn technique. He is a barbarian on the field who will outmuscle any defender he comes up against but if he can’t slide his feet and stop the spin moves then he will be useless against the speed rushers of the NFL. O’Neill looks more aware of what he is doing last year and could be a late pick and a developmental tackle at the next level.

Toledo Rockets

#29 SS Jermaine Robinson
-Lines up at strong safety, gets caught looking into the backfield
-Very slow getting to the play, needs to improve his quarterback reading ability
-Lines up at lone safety, looks comfortable in that set
-Plays the last line of defense, rarely lets players behind him
-Takes bad angles to the ball carrier
-Hesitant in pass coverage
-Sits in soft zone coverage
-Waits for the play to come to him, doesn’t exactly read and react
-Just sat in the back of the end zone on a two-point conversion, should’ve pressured the QB on a rollout
-Seems to chase more than step up.
-Great form tackling when he gets to the ball carrier
-Rarely gets blown back, too strong to be beat by bull-rushers
-Forced his matchup inside when his QB rolled out and scrambled.

Overview: This is the worst game from Jermaine Robinson that I have seen so far this year. Western Michigan ran the ball a ton (Robinson’s weakness) and they had a backup quarterback in but the safety could not make plays. The NFL is played at a much quicker pace than at the collegiate level, let alone a MAC game; Robinson looked very slow in every aspect against Western Michigan. Robinson’s draft stock was already low and he might have slid right off of the draft boards of NFL teams after this performance.

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