Dolphins vs. Jets: What to Watch For

October 28th, 2012

As if Dolphins-Jets wasn’t already fun enough being a divisional game, and being the second time the teams have faced each other in just over a month, Rex Ryan started a wildfire last go round with his infamous “hot-sauce” comment.

Subsequently Reggie Bush was indeed banged up just before halftime of that game and was unable to finish the game.  Darrell Revis then blew out his ACL prompting Bush to say “what goes around, comes around” which angered Ryan pretty substantially. 
MDD Staff Writer:  Chad Pullen

Well, this weekend brings it all back (what goes around, comes around) as the war of words has continued.  Ryan has asked that Bush apologize to Revis and several Jet defenders have now started speaking out on their intentions yet again to remove Reggie from this football game.  LaRon Landry’s steroid cycle has him claiming on twitter that he will continue to “headhunt” as normal and that Reggie definitely remembers him from last game.  (Presumably taking credit for the hit that knocked Reggie out of action) Aaron Maybin (who?) decided to chime in as well by saying that they would take Reggie out of the game again this week, “legally” of course.

As usual, any team in the NFL that faces the Jets has to deal with a weeks’ worth of bloated big mouthing from Jet coaches and players.  This week is no different, however now the Dolphin players have decided to speak back.  Mike Pouncey when told of Maybin’s comment said that Maybin “wouldn’t even be on the field enough to hurt Reggie” and Javorskie Lane claimed that Reggie does not in fact remember the hit that took him out of action in week 3, essentially telling Landry that no, Reggie does not remember him.  After a few good one liners, the Dolphins are back to work and reiterating that they will let their talking be done on the field, and no longer in the media.

Lost in all this is a huge game for Miami as they will attempt to put some distance between themselves and the Jets in the division as well as keep pace with the first place Patriots.  The Dolphins were in great position to take game 3 but two missed field goals by Dan Carpenter squandered their opportunity as they lost in OT 23-20.

That was rookie QB Ryan Tannehill’s third career game however, and a month later he looks a lot like a seasoned vet.  With new WR Jabar Gaffney potentially joining in the fun this weekend, it’s possible that the Dolphins could attempt a few deep balls this week to test out the Jet safties Landry and former Dolphin Yeremiah Bell who are not known for their deep coverage skills.  CB Antonio Cromartie had a very effective game shadowing Brian Hartline last game and the Dolphins may use Hartline as a decoy this week to keep Cromartie away from the ball as much as possible.  If Reggie is better rested after the bye week from his sore knee and able to run like he did in the first three weeks of the season, then the Dolphin offense could produce better results and not need to rely on Carpenter to kick many field goals, sticking with extra points instead.  If they do that, the Dolphins have a pretty good shot at beating the Jets this time.

What goes around, comes around.


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