2013 NFL Draft: Tyler Bray Declares for the Draft, AFC East a Possibility

December 20th, 2012

Tyler Bray
With a new head coach, his favorite receiver and best offensive lineman gone, it seemed pretty clear that Tyler Bray of Tennessee would declare for the NFL Draft. And after a few weeks of likely him pondering if it was worth jumping into a draft class in which he likely realizes he isn’t polished as a first round pick, according to Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports, he will declare for the 2013 NFL Draft.

And while Dolphins fans (thankfully) don’t have to consider getting him in April, it would be wise to do our due diligence, as two divisional foes may target the strong armed passer in the second round come April.

(It should be pretty clear who those two teams are: the ones without Tom Brady).

MDD Lead Editor: Eric Galko

Tyler Bray is a quarterback that has a fantastic chance to shoot up draft boards despite having poor mechanics, decision making and post-snap reads. And it’s the reason most mediocre quarterbacks rise in the NFL Draft process: Size and arm strength.

The strong-armed “gun-slinger” (get used to hearing that), has the ability to “make all the throws” (that too) and has the “upside” (these are all buzzwords at the Combine and Draft Day) to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, and a very good one. And while it’s easy to dismiss arm strength with many talented passers not having great arms, it can’t be overlooked that strong arms make tight windows not as tight, downfield passes even more deep, and decision making time a bit longer.

Bray may certainly rise at the NFL Combine, the next chance he’ll have to impress in front of scouts, and two teams in particular are ones Dolphins fans will be curious to see if they jump: the Bills and the Jets. And while I don’t think Bray is a great quarterback prospect and I’m glad he won’t be on our team, he does worry me if he ends up in Blue/Red or Green/White.

For one, he has the ability to get the ball downfield in a hurry, and both the Bills and Jets have some downfield playmakers, not to mention the Dolphins secondary hasn’t been stellar vertically. And two, he does have that “upside” factor. A factor that can’t be overlooked if developed properly.

He’s a prospect that’ll need time, meaning anyone that drafts him (including as high as the second round) would be foolish to start him day one. That likely means the Jets will need to sign a free agent (or trade for Matt Flynn) and then take Bray, or the Bills have him develop for at least a few games behind Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Either way, it won’t be a problem to deal with this season, and maybe never will. But for the sake of playing it safe, let’s hope he ends up in Arizona and Philly, and we’ll hope we don’t see him in the Super Bowl in 2015 (yeah, we’ll be there).

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