The World Is Not Over: How the Dolphins Can STILL Make the Playoffs

December 21st, 2012

Joe Philbin
It’s not QUITE over with yet. The Dolphins, despite being in year one of a 2-3 year “rebuild” (the second rebuild for Jeff Ireland), still have a legitimate shot to make the post-season. Sure, they need help. Lots of it.

But there was a tomorrow today. We lived through the Apocalypse. Why can’t we see the Dolphins in the playoffs THIS season?

Here’s how.

The Dolphins Must Win Out (vs. Buffalo, then at New England)
The first part of that seems probable, if not likely. Miami played well against hte Patriots and 49ers in Weeks 13 and 14, and crushed the Jaguars last week, so they seem to have taken well to their Bills loss back on Thursday Night on November 15th. It was an ugly run game performance for the Dolphins thanks to turnovers early. I don’t think that’ll happen again.

The harder part of this is the Patriots game. The worst part is that the Patriots, who usually clinch a bye or have little to play for at this point in the season, have a number 2 seed on the line by Week 17, so they’ll be in full force. Not much I can say to hype this, other than tha young Dolphins could rally to play a Patriots team that may not take them seriously enough.

The Bengals Must Lose Out (at Pittsburgh, then vs. Baltimore)
After pounding the Eagles last week, the Bengals could be in store for a bit of a letdown, especially traveling to a motivated Steelers team that is also battling for a playoff spot, in Pittsburgh. Couple that with a Week 17 showdown that could have the Ravens battle for a 2nd seed, the Bengals are no lock to split their final two.

The Steelers Must Beat Cleveland in Week 17
I won’t go too much into this one. It’s Cleveland, and it’s in Pittsburgh. The Browns have never been good when traveling to Pittsburgh, but they have played well throughout this season, despite their record. Still, I don’t expect the Steelers to lay down with a playoff spot potentially on the line.

The Jets Must Lose One of the Next Two Games (vs. San Diego, then at Buffalo)
It’s the Jets. They are starting Greg McElroy (who I love, but isn’t special and it’s his first NFL start) or Tim Tebow (LOL). Despite the Chargers and Bills out of the playoff mix, they are both either equal or better than the Jets.


Is it unlikely? Yeah, it is. But can’t a man dream?

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