2013 Senior Bowl: Potential Dolphins Who Impressed This Week

January 25th, 2013

 Quinton Patton

The Senior Bowl practices and most NFL teams have come and gone in another productive year in Mobile, Alabama. A few players added concerns to their reports, while others boosted their image, and every player showed something to add to their still developing scouting report.

The Dolphins, looking for help most importantly at WR, OL, DL, LB, and CB likely were targeting a variety of players this week. Here’s a few that could be on their draft board come April.

Potential Top 40 Picks

Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
It’s highly unlikely that Fisher falls down to pick #12 in the draft after the way he’s played throughout his career and this week. However, if the situation arises (which may take 3-4 quarterbacks going in the Top 10), the Dolphins may need to strongly consider the selection. This is, of course, assuming they move on from Jake Long, which Fisher can step in and play either right or left tackle (he’s played both) and give the Dolphins two bookend tackles for the future in he and Jonathan Martin.

Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech
Unlikely selection for 12th overall, Patton may be either a trade down target or an earlier 2nd round target for Miami. He proved this week why I’ve always felt he’s a 1st round prospect despite being limited athletically with his decisive routes, extension away from his body, and consistency as a receiver. He could be the next Greg Jennings, maybe even better.

Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State
An impressive week in Mobile, Wheaton showcased his vertical separation, adequate route development in the middle of the field, and closing speed to make a play on the ball that continued the Mike Wallace comparisons. He’d be another likely trade down and/or 2nd round possible pick.

Potential 40-100 picks

Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State
The loose hipped, quick footed Poyer was impressive all week long, staying physical in the short area, driving on in-breaking routes, and transitioning vertically with a variety of different receivers. With Sean Smith likely departing in free agency, he could be more-than-adequate starter in the middle of the 2nd round.

Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall
Dobson showed better routes than expected this week, and that combined with his elite body control and catching ability is enough to sell me that he could end up being one of the best receivers in this class when it’s all said and done. Tannehill could use a safety valve, and with the wide catch radius of Dobson, he could fill that role.

Alex Okafor, DE, Texas
The Dolphins need a defensive end who can stay focused in the run game, be utilized on stunts, and can still get to the passer opposite Wake. After a week where he didn’t dominate but was consistently active and decisive with his hands and flashed the ability to do all the above, I’m sold on the idea of landing Okafor in the 2nd round if possible.


Potential Mid-Rounders
Vance McDonald, TE, Rice
Coming into the week a relatively unknown to myself, McDonald, impressed with his size and leg drive as a blocker as well as his surprisingly natural receiving ability. He struggled a bit with drops this week and still raw in getting seam separation, he could be the type of developmental yet physical tight end Joe Philbin needs.

Ryan Otten, TE, San Jose State
A different breed from McDonald in what his value could be to the Dolphins, Otten is more of a match-up, “Joker” tight end who can add value in a variety of ways. While he didn’t wow this week, especially as an inline blocker or in his ability to separate, but his ability as an open field/seam/slot receiver has value, and he could be what Michael Egnew has not been for Miami.

David Quessenberry, OG, San Jose State
Playing tackle in college and guard/center this week, Quessenberry could have substantial value for NFL teams thanks to his ability to fill in at most spots. Throughout the week, he was impressive “playing in a phone-booth”, working well to get his hands and keeping his balance throughout. The Dolphins could use a “utility” lineman, and Quessenberry may be the draft’s best.


Potential Late Rounders
Denard Robinson, WR, Michigan
It’s clear now, after this week, that Denard isn’t (and never was) a top four round receiver. He’s far too raw, doesn’t have experience playing special teams, and hasn’t adjusted to running back or receiver yet. While he flashed a bit of everything this week, he’s not polished in any one area. Still, if he can show value at either running back or returner in the slightest bit at the combine, he’ll be worth a draft selection.

Steve Beauharnais, OLB, Rutgers
One area the Dolphins need to address is linebacker, and while finding a starter at WLB in the later routes isn’t an option, adding depth is. Beauharnais played outside in college in a variety of packages, but also got some work inside this week and wasn’t half bad situationally. That versatility saves a roster spot, especially if he can add value on special teams.

Cornelius Washington, DE, Georgia
A later invite to the Senior Bowl, Washington was a classic “bull in a china shop” type rusher, with active hands, exploding violently laterally, and working hard to generate pressure. Not quite sure where he fits at this point, I’d really like to throw him in on passing downs, inside or out, and let him cause trouble for offenses.

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