List of Miami’s UDFA Additions

April 27th, 2013

MDD Assistant Editor:  Chad Pullen

Here is a list of players that the Dolphins sign after the Draft process in hopes of making the roster or at the very least remaining on the practice roster during the season to hone their skills.  (Will be updated as information becomes available)

Chad Bumphis, WR, Mississippi State – 5-11 200

Michael Clay, OLB, Oregon – 5-11 225

Jordan Kovacs, DB, Michigan – 6-0 195

Jasper Collins, WR, Mount Union – 5-10 185

Taylor Stockemer, WR, Arkansas State – 6-4 215

Chris Burnette, DT, Old Dominion – 6-3 285

Rob McCabe, MLB, Georgetown – 6-1 225

Alonzo Highsmith, OLB, Arkansas – 6-1 230

Emeka Onyenekwu, DE, LA-Lafayette – 6-3 250

Clay Belton, QB, Findlay – 6-6 230

Cameron Marshall, RB, Arizona State – 5-11 215

Keelan Johnson, S, Arizona State – 6-0 210

A.J. Francis, DT, Maryland – 6-5 310

Terrell Sinkfield, WR, Northern Iowa – 6-0 190  (4.19 40 yard dash)

Chris Barker, OG, Nevada – 6-3 305

Sam Brenner, OG, Utah – 6-4 305

Ina Liaina, FB, San Jose St – 6-0 240

Tristan Okpalaugo, DE, Fresno St – 6-4 245

Chad Bumphis could be a solid get to replace Davone Bess as he has similar size and totalled just under 160 catches for a little under 2,300 yards in college along with 24 touchdowns playing in the SEC.  Miami also added projects at receiver in the uber fast Sinkfield and small school star Jasper Collins who amassed 1,700 yards and 22 touchdowns in 15 games last season for Mount Union.

In the backfield, Cameron Marshall had a solid JR season with over 1,000 yards and 18 TD’s finishing his collegiate career with exactly 2,700 yards and 38 TD’s.  He could provide the team with a practice squad insurance in case injuries affect the 53 man roster too much.

Corey Broomfield intrigues me.  SEC CB, played all four years, even played with a broken bone in his hand his JR year and still played well enough.  He has 4.5 speed, and needs to gain some strength/weight, but he could possibly be a slot corner in a zone scheme (which Miami likes to play) or contribute on special teams as he has shown the ability to be a sure tackler even at less than 180 lbs.  Very much worth a look this season to see how he develops with NFL coaching.

Apparently Broomfield has decided not to sign until he is fully healthy and then can evaluate his options at that point.  Hopefully Miami stays interested in him when that day comes. 


23 Responses to “List of Miami’s UDFA Additions”

  1. Ron says:

    Ireland must have fallen asleep

  2. Mark says:

    Kyle Martens has signed with Dolphins and is reporting to Rookie camp. Martens is a punter from Rice.

  3. paulymcmac says:

    LOL @ pass on Tannehill for this year’s stacked QB class. If it wasn’t for Sherman I probably would have shared your opinion.

  4. Lee2000 says:

    Apparently Broomfield has been telling people he has not signed with any team until he heals from a Labrum injury. He has communicated this to local sportscasters and on facebook. Can you inquire?

  5. ChadPullen says:

    Will do. Thank you for the heads up, he’s a guy that I would like to take a flier on, hopefully he’ll keep us in mind when he’s recovered.

    • Lee2000 says:

      I have to figure Miami will sign a corner. A couple of names that have not been tied to any team at present are Martin, a cb from North Dakota St., and Sentimore, DT from Tenn. Curious about them.

  6. Kevin says:

    I must admit that I am more than a bit surprised at the lack of tackles. I know there are several already on the roster and Dallas Thomas will be given reps to see how he fits, but surely there must be one out there worth trying out.

  7. Toddler says:

    Intrigued by UDFA WR Stockemer who gives size and may be a better red zone ‘high pointer’ than Fuller, and UDFA OG Barker, who mirrors Pouncey’s metrics pretty closely.

  8. Toddler says:

    What happened to FA OLB/DE Rivers from Mississippi? Great measurables … no one picked him up?

    • ChadPullen says:

      Surprise surprise, I believe the Rams picked him up. Seems like everyone the Dolphins or Dolphin fans want to look at, the Rams swoop in. Bizzaro Dolphins in StL.

  9. Toddler says:

    Thanks Chad. Other picks that looked good that went elsewhere (athletic measurable): SEA picked up SS Polk and OLB Wilkins, OAK got WR McGuffie (incredibly underrated) and ILB Boyko, New Orleans got DE Foster and TE Hill, PIT got DT Arnfelt and OT Hubbard… where did Jason DiManche (OLB S. Illinois) and Nick Hale (RB Nevada) get to?

    • Chad says:

      Dimanche signed with the Bengals, I have not heard anything on Hale yet. I’d have to search around on that one.

      • Toddler says:

        Thanks Chad, We’ll just have to see if some of these teams overlook the acorns that look so tempting…

  10. Lee2000 says:

    I am checking on a handful of players who have not signed with anyone as of yet. Miami should announce their rookies tonight or tomorrow morning. They are Uzzi, Og, Georgia Tech, Sentimore, DT, Tenn., Jeremy Moore, cb, Georgetown. I can tell you Ferentz, the coach’s son at Iowa, will tryout for Miami.

  11. Lee2000 says:

    Every year it is like pulling teeth to get the Dolphins to release their undrafted free agents in a timely manner. They do this every year.

  12. Lee2000 says:

    You can add the following players as tryouts for Miami:
    James Ferentz, Center, Iowa (son of Kirk, Iowa’s head coach)
    Donovan Henley, cb, Idaho St. (went to high school in Miami)
    Jon Richt, qb, Mars Hill (son of Georgia head football coach, Mark Richt)
    Leon Mackey, DE, Texas Tech (Attended Hinds Community College, initially recruited by South Carolina)
    Rupert Bryan, OG, FIU (listed as a guard by some draft services, he has size of fullback)
    David Hines, LB, FAU
    Zach Richart, LB, Duquesne (related to Marino?)
    Peter Tuitupou, TE, San Jose State (played on same team with brother, who is a defensive end)
    Ferbia Allen, TE, Ole Miss (caught 50 yard pass against Georgia last year)
    Kyle Martens, P, Rice
    Darius Smith, DT, Miami (had draftable grade)

    • Toddler says:

      Would love to see the video on Allen’s 50 yarder… how did he ramble for 50 yards with a 5.05 40?

  13. Lee2000 says:

    That is David Hinds, not Hines, and Rupert Bryan was the fullback at FIU.

  14. Lee2000 says:

    Watch this video of Fresno St. vs Oregon. Watch number 88 on defense, who is one of Dolphins free agent signings. Does he remind you of the tall player from the Ducks?

  15. Lee2000 says:

    As you probably know by now, the Dolphins have cut Belton and McCabe and signed Hinds, one of the tryout players. I was surprised at both of these cuts, but I saw a picture of McCabe and he looked small.

  16. Toddler says:

    I don’t see Nick Hale (NEV) on anyone’s roster anywhere … he’s strong enough to be a very good FB candidate with some burst with added weight/ possible short yardage candidate (projects to 4.54 best time at 238, currently 4.42 best at 214).

  17. ChadPullen says:

    I looked up Hale a few days ago as well, still not seeing anything related to him signing anywhere. Did he have an injury he was recovering from?

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