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Miami Dolphins Complete Seven Round Mock Draft

Friday, April 19th, 2013

With the 2013 NFL Draft almost exactly a week away, it’s time for me to take a real stab at predicting how the Miami Dolphins will attack the draft. With five picks in the first three rounds and 11 total selections, they really have a lot of room to build the roster.

Here’s a full draft prediction for the Dolphins, with the round followed by the overall pick number in parentheses and a breakdown of each pick following the player’s name.


MDD Assistant Editor: Garrett Baker

Dolphins Three 7 Round Mocks Analyzed

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

MDD Assistant Editor:  Chad Pullen

The anticipation each year reaches its peak with rumors flying, last second workouts, interviews, closed door meetings and just general misinformation being spread about as to who each team really likes, or what positions the team needs to fill.  With that in mind this year, rather than play the guessing game that is mock drafting 256 picks we’ve tried something a little different this draft season.  Three team oriented mock drafts focusing on what Miami can do under three different circumstances each time.  One was a balanced draft, complete with best players available, filling needs, deepening the roster with as much talent as possible.  The second one focused on Defense, building up a group of young pieces to improve the defense not only for the upcoming season, but the future as well, while also filling a hole or two on offense as well.  The last one was of course focused on Offense with the same idea as the Defensive mock, building up the core on offense, this time filling the occasional hole on defense.  Here we will review the three mocks in one place, and determine what might be the best course of action for the Dolphins starting next Thursday.  (more…)

Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft 3.0

Friday, April 12th, 2013

MDD Assistant Editor:  Chad Pullen

In our third and final Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft we will focus on an offensive slanted draft.  Our first mock showcased a balanced, need filling look at how the Dolphins could draft on draft weekend.  Mock 2.0 focused on what it would look like if Miami wanted to overhaul the defensive side of the ball with talent from this draft.  Here, we will draft with the main priorities in mind on the offensive side of things, while using an occasional pick on defense just to plug some holes and grab some BPA’s along the way.  Coming up, we will look at all three mocks and examine what might be the best course of action for the Dolphins and which focus the fan base prefers.  (more…)

Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft 2.0

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

MDD Assistant Editor:  Chad Pullen

Last week we ran a 7 round mock in terms of what Miami could finish up with if they went with a balanced draft, plugging holes, taking best players available, doubling down on positions of weakness, and even nabbing a QB to develop behind Ryan Tannehill.  In this mock, we will focus on rebuilding the defensive side of the ball as the main priority, while still being able to plug a hole or two on offense with some extra picks.  Next week we will conclude the Dolphins 7 round mocks with an offensive slanted look at the draft, and then compile the various players selected in all three styles and see how all the options look when Jeff Ireland starts calling the shots instead of us.  (more…)

Dolphins 7 Round Mock Projections

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

MDD Assistant Editor:  Chad Pullen

As we approach the draft and the free agent market begins to dry up, here is a look at how the Dolphins could address the needs of the team as well as infuse yet more youth onto the team.  There are various ways to approach each draft dependent on the needs each season.  Offense heavy, defense heavy, a balanced draft filling needs on either side, or a simple best player available strategy.  With the current state of the Dolphin roster as is, we will lean towards a balanced draft that fills needs, and infuses talent on both sides of the ball.  (more…)

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