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Five Prospects Who Miami Dolphins Should Watch Early in 2014 CFB Season

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Denzel Perryman

MDD Assistant Editor: Garrett Baker Everyone is rightfully excited about Miami’s big Week 1 victory over the New England Patriots, but over here at MDD we’re always looking forwards and enjoying the college football season as well. There have been a number of great games so far, and a few prospects in particular have stood out as good targets for the Dolphins with the way their roster is shaping up. (more…)

Miami Dolphins Draft Recap: Safe but Solid Selections

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
photo via

photo via

MDD Assistant Editor: Garrett Baker

General Manager Dennis Hickey clearly had a game plan when he went into the 2014 NFL Draft: get high-character players at positions of need who can come in and compete right away.

With five team captains and six small schoolers out of the Dolphins’ eight potential draft picks, Hickey was certainly successful in many ways. He also managed to make three good trades while adding a fifth-round pick and getting some good value on a few picks as well. (more…)

Dolphins Fifth Round Picks: TE Arthur Lynch and OLB Jordan Tripp

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

MDD Assistant Editor:  Chad Pullen

With two picks in the fifth-round, Miami was set up to add a couple nice peices without having to reach anywhere and started with yet another tight end to add to the mix in Georgia’s Arthur Lynch, a 6-5 260 pound prospect who figures to add a solid blocking tight end to the stable of tight ends the Dolphins have drafted the past four years.  Lynch also adds to the trend of yet another team captain that the Dolphins have selected, marking the fourth one in five picks so far.   (more…)

Dolphins Fourth Round Pick: CB Walt Aikens

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

MDD Assistant Editor:  Chad Pullen

After starting the draft off with weapons for QB Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins looked to the defensive side of the ball for their fourth-round pick, choosing CB Walt Aikens of Liberty.  At 6-1′, 205 lbs, Aikens will be one of the bigger defensive backs in Miami and a really good athlete.  He began his career at Illinois as a Safety before transferring to Liberty where he started for three years at Cornerback.   (more…)

Dolphins Second Round Pick: WR Jarvis Landry

Friday, May 9th, 2014

MDD Assistant Editor:  Chad Pullen

After shoring up their right tackle position last night, the Dolphins decided to trade down a couple of times in the second-round.  First they moved from 50 to 57 in a deal with the San Diego Chargers that also netted them an extra fourth-round pick, pick #125.  Then from 57, the traded down again, this time with the San Francisco 49ers, dropping back to 63 as well as an extra fifth-round pick as well, pick # 171.   (more…)

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